“Yolanda killed at least 5,500 people, left more than 1,700 missing, displaced as many as four million and destroyed around $563 million worth of crops and infrastructure.” PH residents struggle to rebuild their lives after Yolanda, ABS-CBN, December 3, 2013

Operation Blessing (OB) is ready to lend a helping hand in rebuilding homes and community centers left destroyed in the wake of disasters such as strong typhoons. It also provides temporary and permanent shelters for displaced residents through its Community of Hope projects.

Under the Infrastructure program, there is also the Water and Sanitation program. OB sponsors the drilling of wells in underserved communities. It also sets up mobile water purifier units in disaster-stricken areas so that affected residents will have clean drinking water.

In addition, OB facilitates the construction of toilets in remote villages and impoverished public schools. Our health professionals organize health and sanitation classes, teaching good hygiene practices to residents so they can have healthier lives, free from water-borne diseases.

OB seeks to assist in the plight of the less fortunate and survivors of disasters, and by providing shelter and access to clean drinking water and sanitary conditions, it hopes that its beneficiaries get a jumpstart down the road towards reclaiming dignity and purpose in life.

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